The Place

The 8th Zarmanazan Summer Camp will be held at the Sainte Croix des Neiges boarding school, located in the town of ’Abondance in the French Alps.

The place is located a few miles from the Swiss Alps (Canton du Valais). The village of Abondance is about 70 km (43,5 miles) from the Geneva International Airport, and about 30 km (18,6 miles) from the French towns of Thonon-les-bains and Evian-les-Bain, on the shores of Lake Léman.

The boarding school is equipped with numerous bedrooms, several activity rooms, a large dining room, a professional kitchen, and is surrounded by several private, enclosed outdoor areas.

Practical information

Online application’s deadlines are strictly adhered to.

All subsequent requests will not be considered.

Participation fee։

Included in the fee:

Not included in the fee:


For minor participants, we advise not to choose a cheap flight company. They do not have a private service for minors. if a problem arises, we will not be able to intervene.

Yes, a minor child can travel alone. The minimum age for unaccompanied minors varies, and it is determined by the individual airlines. Teachers participating in the training program may have the opportunity to accompany your child on certain occasions. If this option is available, we will facilitate the connection between you and the respective teacher.

For your arrival, it’s important to consider the flight schedule. Zarmanazan staff will be available at the Geneva airport or train station according to the designated arrival times to welcome participants. Please note that transportation to the place of residence is only available within those specified hours. In the event of delays in the departure or arrival of the plane, our friends will naturally stay with the participant to ensure their well-being. 

If the departure or arrival of the plane is delayed, naturally our friends will stay with the participant.

The camp adheres to a unique approach to time, with meticulously organized days. Joining the program late or departing before its conclusion is not feasible. 

Upon arrival at the cam psite, participants are required to surrender all electronic devices to the Zarmanazan’smanagement. Communication is facilitated through written correspondence or mail. Specific dates will be designated for phone conversations with participants, providing an opportunity to engage during those scheduled times if desired.

You can always communicate with Zarmanazan’s staff, via phone or via email (the number will be given later).

By PayPal or bank transfer. Transfer expenses are paid by the participants.

Payment is made in euros only. Money transfer or currency exchange costs are paid by the participants.

Yes, the participation fee can be paid in three installments. The first payment serves as confirmation of your participation. Failure to make the initial payment on time may result in the inability to secure your place.

If you decide to withdraw your participation, you will be reimbursed 50 euros less.

For health reasons, and to protect those with sensitivities and allergies, it is strictly forbidden to bring any food during the entire period of Zarmanazan.

Zarmanazan has a doctor on staff who is the first to intervene if a participant has a health issue.

Only the doctor and Zarmanazan’s management can get acquainted with the participant’s medical record.

During the stay, both allergies and various dietary preferences (including vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) are carefully considered and accommodated.

It is essential to communicate all medical conditions of the participant to the Zarmanazan staff.

The stay begins when the participant is greeted at the airport or station.

The camp’s duration and participation commence when the participant is welcomed at the designated meeting place, airport, or train station. To ensure equal conditions for all participants, we are unable to permit a parent or relative to accompany the participant to the residence.

It is not necessary to bring money. All spins are supplied by Zarmanazan. Can you decide the amount of the pocket money? for example, 20 euros will be enough. Pocket money should be in euros.