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Frequently Asked Questions

Minors can travel alone from a certain age on; it will depend on the airline.
The teachers participating in the training program of Zarmanazan (and facilitators?) can sometimes take on the responsibility of your child. We will put you in contact with them, if it will be possible.

Zarmanazan is fortunate to have a doctor as part of its team. The doctor will intervene first if there is a problem.
He and the director will have access to the medical records of the participants.

We strongly recommend that under-age participants not travel with low-cost airlines. Their service does not guarantee quality accompaniment of minors; we would not be able to help out in case of a problem.

Once informed about the arrival times from various places, we will provide a schedule showing when the members of the Zarmanazan team will be present at the Geneva airport or train station to greet the participants. We will not be able to take charge of other arrival times outside of the given schedule to take the participants to our destination.
If the plane/(train) is late, of course we will stay with/wait for the participants.

Zarmanazan has its own special timetable and each day is calculated meticulously. It is not possible to arrive late or to leave earlier.

The participants entrust their electronic materials (telephone, tablet-pad…) to the Zarmanazan office upon their arrival at our destination.
It will be possible to communicate by e-mail or by postal mail; dates will be chosen for you to telephone, if you so desire.

It will be possible to communicate with the Zarmanzan team, either by email or by telephone (a number will be sent).

With Paypal or a bank transfer. Bank charges are at the expense of the participants.

The payment should be made in euros. Extra expenses due to bank transfer or currency exchange are at the expense of the participants.

Yes it is possible to settle the participation fee in three payments. The first payment confirms your participation. Without this, after a certain date, we cannot guarantee your participation.

If you decide to cancel your participation, 50 euros will be withheld.

For health reasons, especially because of food allergies, it is strictly forbidden to bring food into the residence.

We take into account healthcare obligations, like allergies and special diets (vegetarian…).
It is vitally important that we should be informed of any special healthcare obligations.

The sojourn begins at the airport or train station. We do not allow a parent or friend to accompany a participant to the residence, so that all participants are treated equally.

It is not necessary to have any pocket money; all outings and visits are provided for.
You can decide a sum that you would like to give, 20 euros for example.
Pocket money should be in euros.